Process Reflection- Digital Story

The Digital Story was by far my most innovative and interesting project. Choosing a story of an individual’s life to tell the world intrigued me beyond limit. It all started with the question I asked my interviewee which was, “ What changed your life?”, to this she replied with an incident that took place at her child’s school where she was volunteering as a nurse for a day. She goes on to say how this boy was on the verge of fainting because his mom did two jobs and had left before he woke up and hence he could not reach the cereal box. She further states how impressed she is by the system in the States where education is given priority and even poor families can afford to send their children to schools.

Furthermore, I thought this experience changed her life because she through this small incident she realized the difference between the States and India. In India, parents from poor families are reluctant to send their children to school and do not bother about education. However, in the States the parents make ends to meet to provide their children with education. I felt this experience of Mrs. Katdare was worth sharing.

Initially, I was in a dilemma as to how to go about the project. By using iMovie, I was able to connect the pictures she had sent me over mail to her voice note. I started out my inserting her solo pictures but then I realized how important meeting new people was for her so I deleted her solo pictures and inserted pictures from her place of work and family.

This assignment helped me discover a new genre of expression and taught me to weave together an individual’s life story. Not only did I learn the technical aspects of telling a story but I also got the opportunity to share a story of an Indian immigrant.


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