‘Chaat’ing in Chatpatti

“We are going to Patel Brothers” announced my teacher, “Hurray!” I exclaimed. Being an India student, the idea of eating authentic Indian food filled my heart with enthusiasm and excitement. Patel Brothers is one of the few places that makes you feel in India. From having a grocery Indian store to having restaurants that serve Indian delicacies, Patel Brothers has it all. I waited till the calendar turned first April and got my stomach ready to devour the various delicacies.


The first of April arrived and the six of us huddled into an Uber. We could not stop nagging the Uber driver to drive fast so that we could reach ‘Chatpatti’ -a restaurant in Patel Plaza, as soon as possible. Once we reached, we waited in line to get into the restaurant because it was filled with Indian people. The restaurant had Indian delicacies from different parts of India. It was a fascinating mix of the delicious Chaat from the North to the authentic yet spicy Mysore Dosa from the South. I helped my friends choose their dishes and I ultimately ended up ordering Dahi Sev puri and Mysore Masala Dosa.


I was quite impressed with the presentation and taste of the food. I was apprehensive at first thinking the taste would not be like home but much to my astonishment the presentation and the flavor was just like home. The sweet taste of the chutney on the Chaat and the spicy Mysore pury in the Dosa developed a sense of nostalgia. I was suddenly missing home and the food cooked by my mother. The fact that we were all sitting together and eating made me miss the daily routine of eating dinner with my family back at home. The discussions with my fellow classmates at the table reminded me of the conversations I used to have with my family at the dinner table. However, my teacher and my classmates made me feel at ease and I accepted the fact that they were my family in this foreign country.



Furthermore, as we ended our meal, the array of desserts caught our eyes. We were in a dilemma thinking which sweet to order but the gluttons that we are we order one of each of the different varieties. The sweets were similar looking to the ones in India but the taste was slightly different. For example, the soft and white rasgullas of Bengal were hard and did not have the sweet liquid inside it. However, our teacher explained that this particular type is available in Northern India. I was amazed at the fact that one sweet is found in various forms in different parts of a country. This helped me to learn something more about the culture of my own country.

All in all, the trip to Patel Brothers was one of nostalgia. The food was delicious and lip smacking. Not only did it remind me of Indian food but also of my family and the food cooked by my mother. I am grateful to my teacher for organizing this trip as it made me feel one step closer to home.



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