Process Reflection

Interviewing Mrs. Katdare and penning it down was one the most exciting experiences of my life. As I reflect back on the various steps I took to accomplish my goal, I remember reading various interviews on the Internet to improve my interview writing skills. To test the skills that I had gathered, I conducted a mock interview of my peer and penned it down. This activity along with the feedback that I received on my first draft helped me to understand that a successful interview article must have depth and clarity. The ideas and thoughts must have flow and should be backed up by evidence. I used this feedback in my article to the best of my ability. I used direct speech to back up the various pieces of evidence in a sequenced yet clear way. I made sure that I covered the grammatical loopholes by proofreading. In addition, I read out my article loud so that I could eliminate repetitive statements and jargon. Furthermore, I worked on my transition sentences to provide flow throughout my interview article. Moreover, I also used the feedback given to me by my interviewee who gave me ideas on how I could revise it.

Writing this interview article, helped me gain an insight into the life of an immigrant. Furthermore, I learned essential writing skills that helped me write a successful interview article. The biggest takeaway from this writing assignment was stepping out of my comfort zone and interacting with an individual whom I never met before. This helped me to break free from my shell and become more open. Moreover, this assignment taught me to experience writing in a completely different genre. I have always read interviews but never written one. This assignment helped me to write my very first interview assignment.


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