Collaboration can be defined as the act of working with a set of individuals to attain a common goal. Not only is it important to think individually but it is also important to think collectively because the product of shared knowledge is always superior. Working collaboratively will open an individual’s mind to new and different ideas. More importantly, it will teach us the art of accepting and respecting the thoughts of our peers and members of our community. Therefore, I am ‘for’ collaboration.

Collaborative Learning infuses within us the ability to converse with individuals from different walks of life and understand their perspective and take on a particular notion. The art of making conversations and thereby being able to converse with our inner self  serves as a catalyst for good writing. Collaborative learning plants the seeds of creativity and helps us draw connections between our ideas and that of our peers. It further hones are skills at forming partnerships that help us attain mutual benefits. It was found that students diagnosing a patient collaboratively than individually helped the students to perform better academically thereby instilling within them the art of listening patiently and appreciating  myriad view points and beliefs. Furthermore, collaborative learning will help develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and discuss a view point analytically.

Therefore, Collaborative Learning will open up a space for better academic performance through collaborative effort and peer tutoring. It will also nurture individual potential and help develop human relationships. Collaboration also aids in self-discovery and self-realisation through the medium of conversation. Establishing a culture of collaboration will help individuals to go beyond academic content and understand the social aspect of life and the value of communication. The shift from traditional practices to collaborative learning is a must to ensure academic proficiency and establish social engagement.



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