Reflection Post

As I reflect back on the process I follow to write, I can’t but highlight essential key terms that any writer must keep in mind. These terms include a target ‘audience’, ‘purpose’ of writing, ‘clarity’ of thought, ‘thesis’, ‘evidence’ and ‘a consistent ‘Flow’ of ideas. However, there are still many more aspects to this dynamic mode of communication called writing.

The element of ‘Contrast’ is a rhetorical device used to differentiate between two subjects thereby giving writing a new perspective. Through my writing I want to ‘Converse’ with my audience and put forth my purpose and perspective in the genre I am writing in. It is highly important to structure the writing piece with the help of the ‘Thesis’ that will form the heart of the writing along with ‘Evidence’ to substantiate it. ‘Critical Analysis’ plays a very important role in writing. This tool helps one to understand the writer’s purpose and thesis. Critical reading of facts followed by their evaluation will help me express my opinions and view points analytically and critically.

A writing piece is incomplete without ‘Reflection’ that helps to make sure that one has effectively structured the writing, connected the ideas and made the writing reader friendly. The last step to any writing piece is ‘Revision’ that helps to eliminate all loopholes created and makes the writing a powerful and successful one. All in all, I believe that every key term has its own importance and value and will help make any piece of writing an efficacious one.


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