Writing Process

Writing is a medium through which one can communicate their thoughts, view points and beliefs. It is essential that the writer can effectively express the purpose of the writing to the target audience.

The first step to writing is to identify our audience. It is really important to know who the writing is being targeted to and tailor the writing accordingly. Once the audience is selected and confirmed one must focus on the content of the writing. Evidence supporting the writing is a key to know that the writing is a reliable. The purpose of the writing must be put across efficiently while making sure that the writing is clear and consistent. One must remember that the heart of the writing is the thesis which must put across the main idea, genre and the purpose.

Visual Literacy is yet another aspect to writing. It is indeed true that a picture can speak larger than words. While studying a visual one must look at the details because every detail can give an insight into the theme of the visual. One can look at the expression of the characters, background and every attention grabbing element that can give purpose to the visual. Many people cannot express their opinions through words and therefore it is important for one to be able to put across an idea through a visual and also being able to efficiently interpreting it.

No writing can be a successful one unless it has been revised. It is very important to reflect upon one’s writing and review it for loopholes. One must keep in mind that his/her writing doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or emotions. Writing is indeed one of the most effective communication methods and one must do so by following an appropriate procedure.


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